Thursday, November 2, 2006

San Fran... here we come

One of my favorite places to have visited was San Francisco and the surrounding areas. Jon and I went on a week long trip a few months after we were married. It was what we called our second honeymoon. Ever since the trip, I have been looking forward to another visit. Jon flew Annabelle and I to San Francisco to meet him once his work conference was over. What a wonderful birthday present. The flight was delayed for a few hours and we were stuck sitting on the plane at the gate. The thought of running out of formula crossed my mind numerous times. We got lucky in that there was a free seat next to mine so I was able to take Annabelle's carrier on the flight and she had her own seat. The airline ended up leaving the stroller at the gate in Austin but assured us they would fly it out on the first flight out in the morning. Aside from that, everything went smoothly and Annabelle was a delight on her first flight.

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