Wednesday, November 26, 2008

1, 2, 3, 4.... what's 1 more?

Strollers that is. The thought of getting rid of one has crossed our minds but as you will see, we still have use for of all of them amazingly enough.

Travel system - This has been one of the best baby items we received. Great for when I just have Madeleine and I can easily snap her infant car seat in it. It still comes in handy when I just have Annabelle when we are at the mall.

Single jogging stroller - Great for walks in the neighborhood and a smoother ride for naps.

Sit and stand - Ideal because it holds both girls, fantastic for travel, going to the mall and walking down to the restaurants for dinner with the girls. And Annabelle loves riding backwards but we think she will really love it when she can start going for rides while standing.

Umbrella stroller - If you want to count this one. The only reason we have it is because we got it free from Babies R Us. My mom likes this stroller the best. She likes it because it is simple and loved this version when I was little. Personally, I like this one the least. Yes it is simple but it has no place for storage. No snack tray. No recline. No buckle. I could go on but I think most moms on the go know what I mean.

Double jogging stroller - I was taking walks with Annabelle in the single jogging stroller and carrying Madeleine in the Bjorn. Now that Madeleine is twice her birth weight, carrying 14 pounds for a while is killing my back. So, here we have out latest purchase. And as you can see at the beginning of the walk Annabelle is holding Madeleine's hand and at the end of our walk, the girls are still holding hands. That it itself makes the purchase worth it.

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