Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

I had asked Jon weeks ago if he could take the Friday off before his birthday. He had been putting in lots of extra hours at work for a big deadline they had coming up. I was suprised that he agreed and thankfully that day fell after the deadline. I emailed with our good friend Chip to see if he was free to play a round of golf with Jon and if he could set it up. I kept what I had planned for Jon a secret. On the morning of Jon's day off, the only thing I told him was to be ready by 10:30 and to dress appropriately for the warm and sunny day ahead. I think Jon thought we were going on a picnic. He he. Shortly after 10:30, Chip knocked on the door and Jon answered. This is when Jon learned he would not be spending the day with me picnicing but playing golf instead. Jon looked pretty surprised and had a great time unwinding on the course.

On Saturday I had asked our sitter to babysit. Later that day, I filled Jon in on our evening plans. I took Jon out to dinner at his favorite restaurant South Congress Cafe.

Today is Jon's actual birthday. Earlier in the day, Annabelle and her class rang the doorbell and surprised Jon with birthday cookies and a gift. It was so sweet!

After the girls were finished with dinner, they helped daddy blow out his candles on his cake that Mommy made him.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday today!!! We love you.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Bday NOJ!!!! Glad to see you had a great w/e and great day today. Hope you got my "late" message. Boys will try to call Tuesday. BTW...Golf??? Since when do you play golf??? Gone are the days of dirt bikes and mountain bikes. Golf. huh?
Oh are on this side of 40 now!!! Ha! Happy...happy...we love you!

Michelle, Nelson and Boys