Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's official

I have been wanting to make this blog entry for a long time but didn't want to jinx it. I do believe it is safe to say that we are officially potty-trained. Hooray for Annabelle! Through this journey, we have learned just how convenient diapers/pullups really are. We took the advice on how to potty train from Annabelle's teacher. We figured she knows best. Her method... old school style. Real undies and plastic liners. We made up songs and rang cowbells for praise. And when I used to giggle at moms or heard stories of moms taking a portable potty with them wherever they went and saying to myself that would never be me... HA! We quickly learned that you will do whatever you can to avoid a dirty mess on the go. We love the portable potty and so did Annabelle. She would carry it in the bag it came in and called it her purse. Potty training = good times = chuckles = aaaagggh moments = one down and one to go.

Who says plastic liners and no bottoms means you need to cut out fancy shoes?

Still accessorizing with mommy's shoes

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Anonymous said...

What an exciting milestone.