Monday, May 18, 2009

A whole new look

We just completed quite a few projects around the house.

Let's begin with the backyard.

All of the homes in our neighborhood came with this square concrete patio that could hardly hold a table and chairs comfortably. We decided that we wanted to extend the patio.

When we first moved in, our neighbors across the street were adding a patio to their backyard. Their original plan was to use red pavers and during the project changed their minds and decided on a different stone. They gave us their stone. When Annabelle would take her morning naps, I laid the pavers. Some time passed, and we decided to get more red pavers to extend the patio. Again, as naps were had I laid the pavers. More time passed, and we decided to get about 50 more pavers to extend the patio even further as the shade of the tree really didn't allow grass to grow. With our most recent project of extending the square patio, we also added a walkway from where the red paver patio ends to meet the newest patio.

A walkway was added from the driveway up to the gate where the red paver patio begins.

We added landscaping throughout the backyard and FINALLY planted our sega that Jon and I purchased along 360 years ago.

We had a lot of stone left over and so another project began. Stone was added to the fireplace.

And then there was still a lot of stone left over. We decided to add it to the area underneath the bar which is a great solution for not getting all those scuff marks on the wall from shoes while sitting at the bar.

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Virginia said...

Wow! The patio looks awesome! That was a great idea. I like the fireplace too!