Saturday, June 20, 2009

Madeleine's First Birthday Party

Our sweet little Madeleine is turning one on Tuesday and we celebrated her lollipop party today. I truly had a blast making her invitations, decor and creating a candy shop in our home! Everything turned out really "sweet"! I think that everyone had a great time. Thank you to The TomKat Studio for lots of inspiration!

Madeleine's lollipop invitation and cupcake toppers that read: "m", "madeleine's sweet shop" and "madeleine". Big pieces of candy made from paper lanterns, clear wrapping paper and ribbon.

Madeleine's Sweet Shop Door Sign and handmade giant lollipops created out of paper plates, paper, wood dowels, cellophane & ribbon!

The console table in our entryway which included a Dr. Seuss Happy Birthday to You book which we had everyone sign. The homemade birthday hat and favors made from Madeleine's baby food bottles.

Cupcake stand, marshmallow pops inspired by Bakerella, and fruit on lollipop sticks!

Our little princess all dressed up in her birthday outfit from Dandy Lion Designs .

The candy buffet which was a BIG hit!

We had a balloon entertainer for the kiddos which they really seemed to enjoy.


Elizabeth said...

I saw your party on Creative Party place and HAD to come over and comment! I have been planning my twins first birthday that is in Feb. I am doing a sugar and spice theme with a sweet shop!!! I loved looking at all your pictures...I was planning on making those pops from bakerella too. I am hoping that everything comes out as well as yours did! Thanks for the inspiration!!! Oh, and I have a Madeleine too! (just spelled different) Anyways thanks for the ideas and a new blog to stalk! JK


loveatfirstbite said...

Could you please tell me what the name of the font is that you used for the "Sweet" part on the sign?? I am trying to figure it out. My daughter is turning 2 in March and I'm really interested in this lollipop theme...Also, how did you make the paper plate lollipop decorations covered in cellophane??

Jon and Stefanie said...

The lower case letters are Century Gothic. Sweet is in the Honey Script.

I made the lollipops with paper plates. I printed out the paper and cut it in a circle and simply glued it on the plate. I found styrofoam forms at Michaels. Simply glued the plate to the styrofoam and glued a plate onto the back. Covered with celophone, tied a ribbon and inserted a stick which I found at michaels as the lollipop stick. Let me know if that answers your questions. They were super easy to make.

Jon and Stefanie said...

I just remembered that I didn't print out the middle. I just found paper from Hobby Lobby and cut it out in a circle shape.