Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Newest and latest

...and the latest and greatest from Miss A and Miss M.

I am a bit behind on updating but here we go.

Could recite the alphabet shortly before she turned 2.
Could count to ten by 20 months and now counts up to 50+.
She knows the sounds of all the letters (2 3/4).
Can identify all her letters (2 1/2).
Favorite things - airplanes, swimming, baths, music, singing, dress up, books, lollipops, counting (ex. coins), doing things by herself, brushing her teeth, going to the library for storytime, going to the playground.
She has good manners and says her please and thank yous.
She only wants to wear dresses and skirts.
Can sign for 25+ things.
Does well using her fork/spoon.
She likes to stack things and put items in a row.
Still a great sleeper.
Cries easily over things.. typical 3 year old behavior.
Favorite song: Pop goes the weasle. We must have listened to this song over 100 times in my car already.
Still likes to watch Barney. Old school video which must be from the early 80s that Toni let us borrow called... What I Want To Be (fireman)

Mimicks sounds very well,
Words: poo poo (will even say the words when she has a dirty diaper as I am putting her on the changing table), meow, nose (no), no no no, puppy, ducky, mommy, daddy, bye bye, uh oh, ball, teddy.
Her nickname should be wriggly as she won't stay still for the life of her on the changing table.
She does not have the separation anxiety at this point that Annabelle had.
Has a tickle spot on her chest that gives her belly laughs.
Loves crackers, fruit and Gerber yogurt melts.
When she smiles, she has a little underbite.
She has four teeth on top and two on the bottom.
She has started to giggle at things that Annabelle does.
Sleeps from about 730/8pm until 730.
She is starting to lose her morning nap. Mommy is waking M after a 1/2 hour nap in the morning otherwise she wasn't wanting to go down for a nap in the afternoon.
She has been turning pages of her books.
Still has the crab crawl but now lifts her behind and straightens her legs as she crawls.
When I say.."I'm going to get you", she giggles and starts to crawl super fast to try to get away.
She drinks from a sippy cup and loves her watered down carrot/apple juice.
New favorite: beans
She loves to swing on her new playscape.

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