Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Sharmon invited us over for a playdate for our little ones along with her friend Sarah and her son Dane. It was fun to see the wee ones having so much fun. I know Madeleine loved playing with a whole new set of toys.

We have had so many people tell us that Annabelle looks like Jon. Over the past year, people have been telling us that Annabelle looks more like me now. Jon and I have never been able to see either one of us in her. We can easily see who looks like who in the children of our friends so it is weird that we can't see it in our own children. When Madeleine was a few months old, Jon and I kept saying how she looked nothing like us and I even looked at her hospital tag one day to make sure we brought home the right baby. Ever since Madeleine was born, so many people have said she looks like me. Again, I don't see it until I just saw this photo. I think it is because of the facial expression she is making that it reminds me of me.

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