Monday, August 31, 2009

A little surprise for Jonnie

I forgot to add this post to our blog while Jon's mom was still in town. Prior to her arrival, I had asked her for a favor if she would watch the girl's for us Friday night until Saturday because I had a little surprise planned for Jon. When Friday arrived, I told Jon that I had asked his mom if she would watch the girls for us so that he and I could go out for dinner at his favorite restaurant South Congress Cafe. After dinner, we decided that we ought to go out for a drink. I told Jon that I would drive us from the restaurant and would pick a place for us to go. This is not me at all as I am very indecisive. I drove us to The Stephen F. Austin Intercontinental Hotel and drove up to the valet station. At this point, Jon looked very confused. I pull out our suitcase that I had hidden under a blanket behind the driver's seat and let Jon in on my secret. We checked into the hotel and then I told Jon that I had found a band that I wanted us to listen to. The band was called LC Rocks and they were playing at Speakeasy. Long story short... LC Rocks rocked! They were older guys with long hair playing 80s Rock band music like Bon Jovi, Journey etc. They were so much fun to listen to. All in all, I think Jon was thoroughly surprised and we had a great night out all to ourselves. Thank you again Nannie for making it happen.

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