Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Festival

My friend Sarah invited us to attend a Fall Festival this evening. Annabelle and I had the greatest time. The best part was the petting zoo. I think we both would have enjoyed staying there for a really long time. The animals were adorable and the little piggies were the cutest things ever. At first, Annabelle and I observed the animals from outside the fence and she really seemed eager to go inside and pet some of the animals. Once inside, I asked her to sit down and I placed a baby bunny in between her legs. She was so good with the bunny and the bunny seemed very content. A little while later, one piggy came along and then another. They seemed to feel very safe with Annabelle. It was really cute to observe. The animal lover that I am immensely enjoyed the petting zoo and I truly enjoyed seeing Annabelle interacting with the zoo animals as well.

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