Friday, October 9, 2009

Latest and greatest

Madeleine is walking 100% and she is quick! She loves to climb. In a split second, I find her on top of the step of the fireplace, couch or toy chest. She will climb on top of the ottoman and then sneak herself on the chair and will bounce on it.
She can climb up and down the stairs.
She loves to color.
She really likes beans. She'll eat Jon's cup full of charro beans.
Words: up, down, bottle, juice, baby, puppy, birdie (her favorite), Valerie (bowerie), ball, mama, dada, Annabelle (in two words anna ball), balloon (boo), fan, snack, Elmo, Barney, phone, keys, fishy, firetruck (she thinks any truck is a firetruck), hat, shoe, moon, balloons, cheese, book, not nice (not ny), beans, teddy, sun, no
She can sign for "more", "please", "juice", "baby", "milk", "more", "finished", "book", "baby"
She can identity her nose, eyes, ears and belly.
When I say one, she says two.
Not so nice things: she bites and hits. This is new to me and I suppose this is part of being the little sibling.

Annabelle's teacher is including her in the reading program along with her oldest students.
She knows all the sounds of her letters (even the ones that have more than one sound). She can also distinguish between her upper and lower case letters.
She still loves Barney as well all know.
She loves to sing songs.
She knows her left from her right.
Can make a longhorn with her fingers.
She wanted to be a spider for Halloween but now would like to be bumble bee. Stayed tuned as we think it might change again.
She has a Leap Frog toy where you can place three letters in it. If we ask her to spell a word (we sound out each letter), she finds all the letters by herself and places them in the toy in the correct order.
She knows that we live in Austin, Omi and Opi live in Houston (Wouston) and that Nannie and Grandad live in Buffalo.
She enjoys skyping with Omi and Opi on my computer.
Not so nice: talking back

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