Monday, November 30, 2009

Latest and greatest

Here are updates that I want to make sure that I note as they are fresh on my mind.


Loves her friends, polly pockets, puzzles, books, big girl bed. In the morning, she will stay in her bed until her clock says 8. I can hear her over the monitor say "the clock says 8" and the tapping of her feet as she goes to the bathroom and gets herself dressed. With her getting herself ready by herself most mornings, helps me to get things ready in the morning faster. Gotta love it when they become more independent. She eats out of a bowl now on her own using her utensils. She is a good big sister. I love listening to her talk to Madeleine. The other day I overheard her telling Madeleine she was so glad that she was here while they were playing in her room and having a tea party. It is a great experience for me to see the two interact with one another as siblings do. I feel like I am living through them in a way since I am an only child.


Becoming more and more verbal everyday. New words: Annabelle (ah-belle), airplane (ah-bain), bus, pizza, apple, door, pasta, avocado (ah-cado), off, helicopter (da-der), birdie, ducky (da-te), teddy, bus, bat, fishy (bishy), bug, moon (takes after Annabelle and loves the moon), puppy, shoe (loves wearing shoes), jar (dar), bee, king (ding), fruggy (fra-duh), egg (ug), Nemo (elmo), Elmo, king, lock, hat, car (dar), owl, sun, star (sun), key, kite, boat, fan, kitty (ti-ti), cow (will say moo when she sees a cow), lion (will roar when she sees a lion), firetruck, juice (joos), elephant (eh-phant), special, toothbrush (brush), whoah, oh man (ah-man), french fry (frah-fry), bubble, will say bless you when you sneeze, Valerie (bowerie), all done, M&M (m m m m m), bath (bas)

Will say "money" when she wants to give you something.

Loves dress up and will give you things that she wants you to dress her in including jewelry.

Her favorite is juice. She would drink her watered down juice all day if I let her.

She recognizes Annabelle, mama and dada in pictures.

She gets excited when I tell her it's time to pick Annabelle up from school and if I do something quickly before we leave she gets upset and will say ah-bell, ah-bell.

She likes to color, read her books, bathtime, and LOVES her flashcards, dancing.

Will say ah-whanit when she wants something.

We already know the word no. But, she says it still in a very sweet way. no-ah

Will say shake shake when she shakes something.

Great belly laughs when I tickle her. Tickle spot on her chest.

Laughs when we say run and will move her feet really fast in the same place.

Gives kisses and especially can't give enough kisses to babies. Loves babies.

Enjoys using her spoon and feeds herself well. Sometimes this is the only way I can get her to take a few more bites of something.

Sings and does motions for: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Row Row Row Your Boat, Patty Cake

We cut out the morning nap and take our afternoon nap from about 1 to 315. I think cutting out the morning nap has helped her sleep at nighttime and we have been on a roll with no waking up at night.

At night (only real cuddle time), I turn the light off after we read our books/flashcards as we sit in our chair and she immediately puts her head on my shoulder. This is one of my favorite times of the day. Just a great way to unwind. And here I sing some songs to her. Rock a bye Baby is one where her head quickly plops back on my shoulder. She will rub my shoulder and pat it as I do to her back.

Can identify for her nose, hair, ears, eyes, toes, hands, belly (bah-by), mouth.
I count with her often. When I put on her socks for example, I count as I go. She now will count sometimes. I will say one and she will say two. I will say three and she will say five. We are getting there.

She is very social buts has started getting separation anxiety when we leave although she calms down soon after we leave.

Has a new found love for pizza (the girls will say it energetically and throw their arms in the air).

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