Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A few cute and funny things

Madeleine will say "tank you" (thank you) when you give her something. She will say "bess you" (bless you) after you sneeze. When asked, "how are you?", sometimes she responds with "I fine". She will say "abelle?" (Annabelle) in a way as though she is wondering where she is. And then she says "fishy" (where is she?) So cute.

And our 3 year old was vocal today but in a different cute sort of way. She told me today that her "poop" is "disgusting". And there are some cds that I have in the car for the girls. Annabelle has her favorite song and Madeleine has hers. When we were listening to Madeleine's song today, Annabelle piped up and said "I hate this song. I don't want to listen to Madeleine's song anymore. I like my song better." Gotta love the threes.

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