Monday, January 18, 2010

Fun Monday!

With it being a Holiday today and the weather being so beautiful out, it was the perfect day to enjoy the outdoors. With the recent rain, there was a little brook for Val to play in the water which she loves. And the girls had fun watching her.

Happy dog.

Madeleine and Tyler.

Tyler and his older brother Danny are both in Annabelle's class. Tyler has a little crush on Madeleine. He follows her everywhere and gives her hugs every moment he can. Here he is following Madeleine around the playground.

Watching her girls Annabelle and Madeleine having a good time.

Giving kisses.

Annabelle came home from school the other day and said she was getting married. When I asked her questions she said she was marrying Danny from school and they were getting married at the beach. Annabelle talks about Danny ALL the time. I think our little girl has her first crush.

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