Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Fourth Birthday Annabelle!

Today is Annabelle's 4th birthday. She came downstairs to find the table covered with presents. She opened a few before breakfast and finished opening the rest after breakfast. This was the first year that she really got into her birthday. She opened her presents with enthusiasm and the attention span was longer this year than last when it came to opening them. The girls had fun in the morning playing with the new toys although Madeleine wanted it to be her birthday too and there was a bit of jealousy on her part that Annabelle had all these presents she was opening. Annabelle went through the same thing when we celebrated Madeleine's birthday a few weeks ago. I think this part of being an only child I didn't experience so this was something new for me to experience with the girls. We put the girls down for a short nap in the afternoon although Annabelle may have been a little too excited to sleep and sang songs in her room instead. Then, it was off to their party and the girls had a blast! The girls took turns opening lots of presents from the party when we got home. I think Annabelle had a lovely time on her special day. We wish our sweet Annabelle a very Happy Birthday and look forward to lots of fun adventures this next year. We love you so very much.

Listening to birthday wishes from family calling from out of state.

Going for a quick ride on her new scooter before calling it a day.

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