Sunday, August 29, 2010

All About Annabelle

Here is a list all about Annabelle now that she is 4!

She loves skirts and will wear layers of clothes to make the skirt fluffy. Or she will wear dresses down to her waist with sleeves dangling at her sides so they are long skirts. It is a bit of an odd look but perhaps a new fashion statement.
She finally grew out of Barney and fell in love with the show Go Diego Go. Diego is her boyfriend according to Annabelle.
She moved on from Danny at school being her boyfriend and she is back to Knox being her boyfriend. Knox has been her boyfriend for months now although we are not sure if Knox is aware of this. She will come home from school some days and get all dressed up and explain that she and Knox are getting married at the beach.
She says funny things that gives us a good laugh. The other day I told her that her cousin Adam had gotten braces. I asked her if she knew what braces were. She replied that she did and that they were for curly teeth.
She still wishes that she had curly hair. Often times she asks me if her hair is curly. Lately, I have been braiding her bangs and she loves how her hair is "curly" when the braid comes out. I have curled her hair a few times and she loves looking at herself in the mirror admiring the curls.
She can count from 1-10 in Spanish. Thanks Diego!
Wants to be called Belle. We thought this might have been a little phase but she has been saying it now for months that she does not like the name Annabelle anymore and wants to be called Belle. Sometimes I forget to call her Belle and she will remind me sternly that her name is Belle. Granted, it is hard to make a change after having called her Annabelle for 4 years.
She can spell her name and has started writing her name. We are working on writing her middle and last name.
She knows her home phone number and address.
Knows all the sounds of her alphabet and we are on the verge of reading words.
Annabelle loves music and singing songs. I think she has an ear for music. I will whistle the first few notes of a song and she gets it right every time.
She also enjoys dancing especially to the Diego and Backyardigan theme songs.
Annabelle is the more timid and shy one of the two girls. With Madeleine being the social butterfly, she oftentimes brings Annabelle out of her shell.
Annabelle is a bit sensitive at times. Perhaps it is part of being four. She will cry easily. For example. I normally will turn Diego on after she finishes breakfast and it keeps Madeleine entertained as I drop Annabelle off to school. The other morning she was taking forever to eat her breakfast. I told her that if she didn't eat her breakfast that I would not turn on Diego. She didn't eat her breakfast and I stuck to my guns and didn't turn Diego on. She sobbed. It is tough being a 4 year old.
Speaking of eating breakfast slowly, we are going to have quite an adjustment next year when we start Kindergarten. Annabelle typically sleeps until 730/8 in the morning and we sit at the breakfast table for a good 40 minutes. School starts at 745. Although, I think with Annabelle starting Kindergarten it will be the biggest adjustment for me as I am not a morning person. I am very blessed that both girls sleep until almost 8 or after 8. I have a feeling that getting up earlier will make me start drinking coffee.
Annabelle works well with structure. She still stays in her room until the clock says 8 am. At nap time, she will stay in her room until 4. One day over the weekend, Madeleine had gotten up around 330 from her nap and we could hear that Annabelle was up. We were in the play room and called to Annabelle that she could go ahead and come out and play. She said that it wasn't time yet and that the clock did not say 4 yet.
She will still nap on some days but has quiet time every day that she is home. If she doesn't nap, she will play with her books/stuffed animals and sing.
She is all about wanting to have multiple wardrobe changes during the day. We have had to have a few discussions about her going into her closet and pulling clothes off of the hangers and then leaving a pile of clothes everywhere. Sometimes the dress up clothes just are not enough I suppose.
It seems like yesterday that we were dropping Annabelle off next door at school when she was 18 months. At that time, she was the youngest at her school. Now that 4 of her classmates graduated to Kindergarten, Annabelle is now one of the oldest. I still can't get over that next year at this time she will be in Kindergarten.
Annabelle has had her fair share of time outs. Lately, it seems we are having them more frequently.
She does not like to clean up. Nothing has changed here.
She also doesn't do well with sharing nor being told what to do which I am sure is typical 4 year old behavior.
She had another set of swim lessons this summer with her friend Leah. She is very close to swimming on her own. I took her a few times to practice at the pool but I think there is a difference if a parent tries to teach versus a teacher. We decided to sign her up for a few private lessons. She had two last week and swam a few feet on her own!
She currently loves these songs on the radio - Good Night (Black Eyed Peas), Hey Soul Sister (Train), California Gurls (Katy Perry). For a while there all the girls wanted to listen to was a nursery rhyme cd that I had in my car. Listening to these new songs over and over is a nice change but I am hoping that they find some additional songs that they like. Whenever they hear one of their favorite songs, they will take a deep sigh in and get SO excited.
She loves dressing up her Barbies, babies and stuffed animals.
Annabelle still sleeps with a ton of things in her bed anywhere from multiple luvies, stuffed animals, dolls, babies and books.
She is becoming more adventurous in the pool.
She is still an awesome sleeper. Woohoo!
Doesn't like to color much but is showing some interest in it lately. She will draw rainbows and smiley faces. When she sits down to color, she will only do so for a minute or two.
She called Madeleine.. Waddleline for a while. We still use this nickname for Madeleine.
She is starting to look more and more like a little girl rather than a toddler.
She has beautiful brown features and a warm smile.
She likes to play the air guitar but will string one of her hands rather than holding her arm out like she is holding a guitar.
She is very good eater and loves pizza rolls.

Annabelle truly is a very sweet little girl. She is so special and delightful. She has changed so much in these last 4 years and we look forward to seeing her flourish even more this next year. We love our Annabelle so much.

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