Friday, August 27, 2010

All About Madeleine

Here is a list all about Madeleine now that she is 2!

She calls Annabelle…"Ahbelle".. Just in the past few days, she has started saying Annabelle. She will walk around the house looking for her sister saying "Ahbelle, where are you?"Sometimes I have heard her call her sister "annabomb" which is a nickname that was given to Annabelle by her classmate Knox because that is how he pronounced her name when he was younger.
Jon gave Madeleine the nickname "Mad-dog" now that we have officially hit the terrible twos.
She still twirls her hair when she has her sippy or brings her arm up to her head. She has been doing this since I can remember. At nighttime as we sit in her chair getting ready for bed, I will hold her sippy for her and she twirls her hair with both hands.
Madeleine just recently gave up her bottle. She would refuse and we tried all sorts of sippy cups. She would drink juice from any kind but would throw a sippy cup across the room if you put milk in it. But, we didn't push too much as we were also dealing with her still waking up in the middle of the night. Whatever works to get more zzz's. Less milk during the day made for night time wakings. A BIG THANK YOU to Madeleine for now consistently sleeping through the night. Once she is asleep, she is a great napper and nighttime sleeper.
Enjoys coloring.
Loves to sing songs. Twinkle Twinkle Star (fwinkle fwinkle little star) , Baa Baa Black Sheep, Rock a Bye Baby, Bumblebee, and the Diego song are some of her favorites.
At night after we read books, we turn the light off and she immediately plops her head on my shoulder. We sing songs and she knows a lot of the words to the songs we sing. She will tell me in a few words which songs she wants to sing. She will point to the different parts of my face and name them in the dark. She often falls asleep on Jon's shoulder when he puts her to bed.
Loves Diego! Diego is one of the first things she mentions in the morning and wants to watch Go Diego Go the moment she gets downstairs.
She is stringing more words together to form sentences. I want it, I don't want it, Look mommy, Right there, Don't like it so much, What's that sound mama?, My turn mama.
Her vocabulary base is quite amazing at least compared to what Annabelle said at this stage. I think she learns so much from her sister and soaks words up like a sponge.
She likes airplanes, the moon like Annabelle did when she was this age. She knows what sounds certain things make and names the object when she hears it... helicopter, motorcycle.
When I turn my hairdryer/vacuum off since it is on for a long time, immediately she will ask if I am all done.
Knows her ABCs and can identify the letters.
Can count 1-10 + and knows some shapes.
Knows her body parts.
She is starting to say the words to her prayer at night which we say in German.
Her hair is lighter than Annabelle's was. She had a head of dark hair when she was born. A bit more than Annabelle had. She never lost her hair. Annabelle lost all of her hair. Madeleine's hair is really starting to grow in now and she has the cutest wings. Her hair flips up. We will run our fingers through her curls and say "floop" and she giggles and says "floop" too. We sometimes call Madeleine "curly q" which Annabelle does not like. Annabelle very much wants curls and so I curl it for her or put a braid in so that it has some body or curls as she calls the little kinky waves that the braid makes.
Madeleine follows Annabelle everywhere. She is her shadow. When I drop Annabelle off next door for school, she asks where Annabelle is and then says "school? Toni's? Knox?"
She really seems to like her Mother's Day Out program. Her teachers say that she loves to sing and dance. When I pick her up from school and ask her what she did that day, I always get the same response... "waterplay".
Screams, can be feisty, tries to bite or will bite her own hands when she is upset.
Has been in time out a few times. She knows time out. When I ask if she needs one, her bottom lip comes out making a puppy frown and she says no.
Nap time can be a bit of a challenge some days. I think she is pretty tired when she gets home from school and is in an overtired state. She will cry and throw things out of her crib as I leave. She then screams for whatever she threw out of her bed and it takes a few visits into her room to get her settled.
She sometimes apologizes on her own.
Has been doing a great job with her thank yous for quite some time now.
Still loves her juice. Drinks a whole sippy cup down in less than a minute. Just can't seem to get enough.
Has a peanut allergy. Her skin is very sensitive and her eczema is getting worse. She has so many little spots of it lately. She will tell me when she is itchy and where I need to put her cream on her itchy spots.
She has a smaller body frame than Annabelle. She seems very dainty but she is a tough cookie. She can be the instigator between her and Annabelle having spats.
We are trying to get her interested in the potty and hope to get her potty trained soon. She gets the WORST diaper rash which turns into a yeast infection. With each one she gets, it seems harder and harder to get rid of and it causes her so much pain. Diaper changes are a nightmare and the tears flow when she has an infection which is every incentive to try and get her potty trained as soon as possible. She will say "potty" and we sit on our Dora seat and she wipes. Nothing has happened yet though. But, I think she feels the urge for when she will have a bm but we miss it and it happens shortly after we sit on the potty. When I ask her if she has a stinky in her diaper she will say no and run away. When I ask her again and that with me changing the diaper, it will be all better she will say "No, I farted."
She wants to wash her hands all the time.
Still loves the water and taking baths.
She does great in the swimming pool with her puddle jumper vest. She really has no fear and will jump right into the water.
She says the cutest things. I need to remember to write more of the cute things she says down. Yesterday at dinner she was wearing a plastic dog id necklace. She was holding the id tag up to her ear and as I was asking her a question, she held one finger up and said "one second" and then proceeded to pretend like she was talking on the phone.
Madeleine loves to dance, jump around and expand as much energy as possible.
Loves french fries and can't seem to get enough ketchup. Still enjoys avocados and fruit. A bit of a picky and dainty eater still.
Is still VERY afraid of flies and bugs although fascinated by them. She shrieks when she sees them. If she sees a bug on the floor, she will come running to me asking me to "kill it" and won't stop talking about it until I scoop the bug up. She then wants to go and flush it down the toilet.

We love our Madeleine so much. She is such a lovely little girl. I just want to gobble her up with a spoon because I can't get over what a cutie she is. She is a delight and we can't wait to see what fun adventures she has in the coming year.

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